Thanksgiving Thoughts…

I just want to wish my fellow Angry Americans a happy Thanksgiving and safe travels as we all go to spend time with our loved ones around the dinner table. I remind you all to be thankful for what you have been given and thankful for family a friends to spend the holiday with. Remember, political discussions are bound to happen, but they are no reason to hate each other. Instead, refer your argumentative relatives to my blog where they can disagree with me all they want!

Again, I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels!

-Angry American


The Trump Discussion

This is a conversation Americans need to have with theirselves and with each other. It’s a question that’s often been asked since November 9, 2016: How could someone, like Donald Trump, be elected to the office of President of the United States of America?

It’s a good question, but the answer is painfully simple, but at the same time it’s complex. My opinion on how DJT made the presidency consists of three parts:

Reason #1: Americans are sick of the establishment. Elected Republicans and Democrats have given their voters next to nothing in return for their election and the people are sick and tired of playing “ring around the rosey” while trying to get anything done. Elected officials are intended to speak for those who elected them, however it is a noticeable trend that they only speak for them on the campaign trail. All that has been promised is either forgotten or pushed aside while elected officials appease those that donated considerable amounts of money to the campaign.

Reason #2: As a result of Reason #1, Americans are tired of electing politicians. Don’t believe me? Then you must be the kind of person that would trust a lawyer. It’s common knowledge that a majority of politicians waste all of their breath on their campaign and when the time comes to get something done, they’re still trying to catch their breath and miss the chance to speak up. At least that’s the way it seems. So what did Americans do about it? They elected someone different. Someone who isn’t Hillary Clinton (who is the epitome of the crooked, out-of-breath politician). Someone that isn’t obligated to respect the wishes of countless donors (granted, there are some). Is he perfect? Not at all. He exhibits countless faults, but Americans were willing to take a chance on him anyway. Which leads to the final reason that I believe Trump is now in the White House.

Reason #3: Americans wanted to elect someone that would upset the establishment that they have grown to despise. When elected officials turn their backs on voters, the voters will turn their backs on their elected officials. Remember Trump fans chanting “Drain the swamp” during campaign rallies? My point exactly. And if you don’t think that DJT has upset the establishment since Day 1, then there is no amount of words to adequately describe your ignorance. What does this upset mean to D.C.? Well take a look at any news broadcast. Republicans and Democrats alike, are jumping ship on issues that they have previously voted in favor of. The talking game of politics just turned serious for our lawmakers and the pressure is on to stand for or against key issues such as taxation and healthcare. This, in turn, is revealing the true colors of officials in Washington, and that is why Trump is making a difference.

Donald J. Trump was just the kind of guy Americans wanted to see in the White House. He’s not the knight in shining red, white, and blue armor valiantly flying onto Capitol Hill on the back of his trusty bald eagle named Uncle Sam. No, but he is the personification of Americans’ frustrations toward politics over the last few decades. He’s a patriot that wants his country to succeed just like the hard-working people that elected him, and that was his appeal to many of his fans. Love him or hate him, there are still three more years of DJT, and that is enough time to drain the swamp.

Florida Church Warns Visitors ‘We Are Heavily Armed’

I’m a strong supporter of the Second Amendment. There, I said it. I personally rely on the Second Amendment every single day to protect myself, my home, and my family from potential danger. I go everywhere with a gun on my person and I’m fully prepared to use it if need be. I will never tell anyone that they should buy a gun and carry it as I do because I know that not everyone feels the same as I do about using weapons to protect themselves and I respect their wishes.

However I do get tired of being angry all the time, so I want to hear my readers’ opinions on this story. Would this make you feel safe or uncomfortable? Do you own a gun for personal protection? Why or why not? Whether you support the First Amendment or not, I want to hear from you!

Stay tuned, as I am always working on new angry opinions to share with my readers!

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School Wouldn’t Allow Student’s ‘Fake News’ Shirt on CNN Field Trip

While this certainly isn’t headline news, it’s still another case regarding freedom of expression. You can find the original story here.

I’m not going to recap the entire story because the title of this post covers it all. However, it is another prime example of how our public education system is negatively influenced by the acceptance of left-wing misguidance.

Is the shirt offensive? Maybe to someone working for CNN, BUT does that mean that he is not covered by the First Amendment? The short answer is NO. The only argument that could possibly justify their decision to make the child remove this shirt would be if it was in violation of the school’s dress code. Is there anything vulgar depicted on this shirt? NO. Anything explicit? NO. Anything that promotes violence? NO. So what’s wrong with it?

I’ll tell you what’s wrong with it. It’s a viewpoint. Bear in mind that leftists have constantly promoted the idea that disagreement is offensive unless you disagree with the right, and this is a problem.

Agree? Disagree? Questions? Let me know what you think. Have a safe weekend my fellow angry Americans!

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What is Political Correctness?

This question is a simple one. Even if you don’t know the exact, dictionary definition word-for-word it is simple enough to open a tab next to mine and find out almost instantly. However, this overwhelmingly simple concept has been manipulated by the masses to mean something more.

Since you knew the exact definition of ‘political correctness’ without searching for it on Google, I took it upon myself to make certain that I knew it too.

“the avoidance, often considered as taken to extremes, of forms of expression or action that are perceived to exclude, marginalize, or insult groups of people who are socially disadvantaged or discriminated against.”

In other words, it is language that is considered to be inclusive in nature. It’s a restriction of language in regards to others’ feelings. In fact, I want to delve deeper into the origins of the phrase ‘political correctness’. When did this phrase come into existence, and how has it evolved since its inception? The easiest way to find out is simply by opening a dictionary (or by visiting, like me).

The first uses of the phrase ‘political correctness’ were seen in the late 1700s:

“Originally, the term was used to describe something that was in accordance with established political, legal,or social norms or conventions.”

In this case, it was used quite literally. If something was politically correct, it was accepted as being normal in politics as well as society as a whole. Simple enough, right?Well, during the 1800s, the term only evolved enough to breathe life into a term of opposition, ‘political incorrectness‘.

However in the 1920s, the Soviets adopted the original term for their own use:

“…the Soviet Communist Party began using the concept of political correctness to enforce strict adherence to the party line in all aspects of life.”

This concept almost seems familiar, doesn’t it? Of course the term has evolved from its use by the Soviets:

“Today the term politically correct (and its abbreviation PC), more often than not, refers specifically to the language that surrounds controversial or hot button issues. Liberals have used the negative construction not politically correct to draw attention to words, phrases, or statements that they felt were socially unacceptable or insensitive.”

The meaning of political correctness has evolved and changed since its first usage, and so has the circumstances of its use. Originally used to define what was acceptable in regards to political and social settings, it has now grown into defining that which does not hurt someone’s feelings. So what is the point of all of this? Word and phrase meanings change naturally in a language over time and this is completely normal. However, it is how these words and phrases are used that matters to us.

Remember how the Soviet Communist Party used political correctness? They used it to enforce strict adherence to the party line in all aspects of life. Now you see where I’m going with this, right? Political correctness has become a common theme in the Democratic Party narrative. If it’s not politically correct, then it is consequentially offensive and therefore a problem. Donald Trump has been consistently harassed by members of the Democratic Party for being offensive, insensitive, and politically incorrect. We must bear in mind that this is language that we are talking about. Does the First Amendment of our Constitution not guarantee the freedom of speech? Why does the Democratic Party feel the need to blow their politically incorrect whistle whenever it senses a disturbance in the liberal force? They are attempting to restrict freedoms of speech so that their liberal ideals are heard above all else that may not conform to PC culture.

You’ve seen it several times in 2017. American universities have been the battleground for this epidemic several times this year when the left determined who could and could not speak to their student bodies on political issues. Violence has too often been the retaliation of these left-wing loonies and it is time to stop PC culture from ruining the First Amendment. We must be vocal against this movement to silence those that disagree with the political correctness plague that is spreading from sea to shining sea, or it will continue becoming more and more socially accepted as being the norm and attacks on the freedoms of speech will inevitably continue…

Before you click the little ‘x’ on my tab, let me leave you with a quote from Thomas Paine as a final thought:

He who dares not offend cannot be honest“.

My fellow angry Americans…

…Welcome to Angry American! The state of the Union is not good for many different reasons, and that is why I’m here.

First and foremost, I am NOT angry because I’m an American. The United States of America is the greatest country in the world even though it may not always feel that way, and I’m willing to go to war with anyone that disagrees. You see, we as Americans have much to be mad about, and that’s why I have started this blog. From one controversial subject to the next, from real news to fake news, from the liberal left to the conservative right, there is a common theme of irregularity, blasphemy to our constitution and constitutional rights, and lack of common sense.

Angry American is here, not just to be a source of developing stories, but to be a haven of input and clarification of news for any patriot on current events concerning Americans. If you expect this to be a safe space where you can restrict my freedom of speech, you are misled into believing that the poor judgments of many American universities is able to be projected into the real world (rest assured that this will be covered in a later post). This will not be a safe space in the regard that every word will not be offensive to some. I want my posts to be provocative; not in their action, but in their material. I want my posts to not only provoke, but to promote thinking towards ongoing topics and conflicts in our country. If you disagree with my views, tell me why.

I want to conclude this first post with a sincere hope that my fellow angry Americans can find solace in this blog. My goal is to provide an entertaining take on all things American while also providing readers with useful information and valuable opinions to share with friends over drinks and with family around the dinner table. Feel free to share your opinions with me as I share mine with you.

Until my next post, remember these words from our 40th president, Mr. Ronald Reagan: “We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.”

-Angry American

Dealing with the ‘Rocket Man’ Regime

Well folks it’s happening yet again. My fellow angry Americans, there is a dire situation occurring on the other side of the planet and the eyes of the world are focusing in on how America will handle it. That’s right, while the “Rocket Man” is continually building and testing missiles capable of delivering nuclear warheads to the US mainland, our allies and the rest of the world are watching and waiting while we remain under constant threat. So what will the Americans do next?

For anyone not deeply connected with the intelligence organizations of our country, it’s pure speculation. We’ve sanctioned the hell out of North Korea, and you can find a list of these sanctions and restrictions here. This late in the game, these sanctions serve as little more than passive aggressive rules that restrict possible American influence that would favor, or help the North Korean regime. Chinese sanctions targeting their North Korean neighbors may have come too late. Experts are now estimating that the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea will reach full nuclear capability within a year. What does this mean for us, as Americans?

This is the closest we’ve been to nuclear war since the Cuban Missile Crisis. The Trump administration is under pressure to divert our headlong course towards war with the DPRK, but ironically they’re hitting a brick wall named Kim Jong Un. As dear leader of North Korea, it is his sole purpose in life to prove that the United States is the diabolical evil that the regime has claimed it is in its propaganda campaigns since the end of the Korean War. The question is if he’s willing to do more than just talk, but in my opinion, he already has.

The government of North Korea has already proven that it is willing to starve its civilian population as it continues to develop its nuclear program, so why wouldn’t they be willing to press the button and launch a nuke right towards the US? Kim Jong Un is a more volatile individual than President Trump, no matter how determined the left is to believe otherwise. He is more than willing to prove his worth to his devoted population, but are Americans ready for another war? Let us not forget that George W. Bush led a false crusade against Saddam Hussein for “harboring weapons of mass destruction”. Now, the DPRK has WMDs and flaunts it to provoke us into war and we are reluctant to go in swinging, for many logical reasons, of course. North Korea has posed a threat to world safety for a long time now, and nothing has been done to prevent it from escalating–sanctions only slow it down.

I will definitely be posting more about this topic in the days to come, but as of now I believe that unless by some miracle, North Korea backs down due to mass famine or plague caused by poor economic conditions, we will inevitably be forced to either intervene or ultimately defend ourselves as the rest of the world watches and waits for the outcome.

Let me know what you think about the North Korean situation!

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Guns Have Positive Potential

I hope everyone had a very filling Thanksgiving spent with friends and family! Hopefully no one encountered any crazies while Black Friday shopping…

Unfortunately, a man in a crowded Costco in Kansas over the busiest weekend for retailers was one of those crazies…and he was shot dead by an off-duty cop. Luckily the crazy man that showed up yelling and brandishing a gun didn’t hurt anyone, thanks to the quick thinking by the good-guy with a gun who, at first, attempted to subdue the man. Good riddance to the idiot! You can read the original story from yesterday here.

Guns can save lives when in the hands of the right person. If this good-guy with a gun wasn’t at the right place at the right time, it’s not difficult to imagine what could have potentially happened. Reading stories like these all the time, you’d have to be crazy to go anywhere in public without a firearm of your own, assuming you know what you’re doing, of course.

Happy Tuesday!